Thursday, July 9, 2015

Digital Design Theory: Badges and Recognition

Designing a course at Udemy was interesting. After a teacher creates a course and uploads the videos and course materials, the course is reviewed before it is published. The review is thorough: video and audio quality, curriculum, approach. The reviewers’ comments included recommendations to improve the product.

Learning to Draw Between the Lines: Creating the videos was fun for about five minutes. Getting a professional product takes a little longer. I struggled with the sound: you have seen my posts here. Again and again the reviewers flagged the audio and made suggestions for improving the narration. It was frustrating to revise the work, but I couldn’t really get maaaad if all of these changes should make the product better…. 0_0

Mastering the Objectives…Finally:  Udemy uses digital badges to recognize major achievements and milestones. Badges are emailed when teachers finish various steps in the course design process.

I received several Badges for creating the Microsoft Excel 2013 video Guides.  This is my first experience getting positive feedback for completing a difficult task. Usually design and production includes cussing and crying, not colorful kudos.

This new approach is good. The Computer Mamas are going to include Badges with our courses.

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