Thursday, December 1, 2016

One hundred boxes, six baskets of clean laundry and eight or nine computers
I have moved. For thirty years, my office was in an old, historic farmhouse in Brighton. I started with a telephone dialup, then upgraded to Ethernet and Wi-Fi.

Moving requires change
Years old, the new CEO at COMSHARE ordered everyone to move their desks so that they all faced north. On the surface, it was a loyalty test. The second objective was to disrupt all of the project piles and create new priorities.

How many boxes?
Charlie bragged that he could compile all that he needed in 15 boxes, not counting furniture. As I packed up the office, I wondered if I really needed all 40, 50, 60 boxes of ….stuff.

A year of preparation
The downsizing took a month of Saturdays. We cleaned, boxed and labeled many historical artifacts and collections. We recycled 13,500 lbs. (that’s right, over six tons) of metal that was collected in 11 years of building and repairing computers. Charlie and I recycled the Honeywell tape drive last week. Bye-bye!

Three hours to implement
The move took about three hours to load everything in the trucks and unload at the new location in town. The office was back online by noon. Hello, new office!

Here’s to all the people who move and upgrade! To those who called to find out if I dropped off the face of the earth: I am back! And my desk faces south, now.